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Mens red grey stripe bracelet

$ 38.00

Good pick-up if you're looking for a piece to bring your overall look a bit more character.

Recommended for eco-smart thinkers and  trendsetters (... and for those who are allergic to any metal).

Easy to combine with many outfits.


Each of them are little bit 'personalized' . Never created the exactly same again! 

The bracelets differs in color and 'rhythm' of the stripes, and also in sewn tricky marks, characteristic of ClothChapel design. 

Material: soft polyester yarn

Made by hand in ClothChapel Atelier. 

Design by Csilla S. Albert


Full lenght:  22 cm (8.6 inch)

Wrist circumference: 19 cm (7.4 inch)

The width is nearly 1.5 cm (0.5 inch)

Specify the exact size of your wrist: measuring your wrist accurately around + add a little bit extra cm for bracelet movement depend on how tight or loose you want to wear it.


matt bourdon  & slate grey

So Comfy 

tubular form with very delicate and easy-wear texture.  It dries quickly, so you can happily swim with it.


Even in washing machine!


Wear Love

By wearing the same stripes / codes with someone who loves you, it's a sign of togetherness, the friendship, the love, the team-spirit ...


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