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Red man stripe bracelet, FREE SHIPPING

$ 48.00

Good pick-up if you're looking for a piece to bring your overall look a bit more character.

Recommended for eco-smart thinkers and  trendsetters (... and for those who are allergic to any metal).

Easy to combine with many outfits.


Never created the exactly same again! 

The ClothChapel bracelets differs in color and 'rhythm' of the stripes, and also in sewn tricky marks, characteristic of CC design. 

Material: resistant polyester yarn

Made by hand in ClothChapel Atelier. 

Design by Csilla S. Albert (all rights reserved)


Full lenght:  22 cm (8.6 inch)

Wrist circumference: 19 cm (7.4 inch)

The width is nearly 1.5 cm (0.5 inch)

Specify the exact size of your wrist: measuring your wrist accurately around + add a little bit extra cm for bracelet movement depend on how tight or loose you want to wear it.


matt bourdon  & slate grey

So Comfy 

tubular form with very delicate and easy-wear texture.  It dries quickly, so you can happily swim with it.


Even in washing machine!

By wearing the same stripes / codes with someone who loves you, it's a sign of togetherness, the friendship, the love, the team-spirit ...

Wear Love



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