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Blue stripe Zé bracelet

$ 35.00


First of all this is FREE SHIPPING item!

Comfy, dapper bracelet RECOMMENDED for stylish open-minded souls with active lifestyle. 

+ and for those who are allergic to any metal.

This bracelet is part of my Echo bracelets collections with strong unique signs and personalized stripy 'codes'.

It’s one of my lovely inventions I made by hand from extra fine yarn. In spite of this, these bracelets are very strong, resistant of weather- and water-damages. They has very delicate, easy-wear soft-touch texture.


Just feel free to jump in a water and never mind the bracelet bc it dries quickly.


Although it seems weak, it can withstand the usage. (Tested in salt water!)

COLOR: blue, light blue, white ...

Unique SIZE: 

This bracelet fits for a 19 cm (around the wrist)

The width is about 1.5 cm, but it can be ordered in wider size

Please, measure the exact size of your wrist accurately + add 1/2" or 1" extra for bracelet movement depend on how tight or loose you want to wear it.


My Echo bracelets collection is highly recognizable. Never made the exact reproduction again!


  • To make one special bracelet for you takes few days, depend on my actual orders.

Hope you are satisfied with my information. Let me know, if you have any other concern about this bracelet.

Wear L o v e

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