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Blue couple bracelets

$ 65.00


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Minimal & retro


Never made o identical pieces! Each of my bracelets contains personalized details ( color, stripes, embroidery, ... )

I made this by Hand with finest cotton yarn you just don't find in mass produced items anymore!


Wearing the same heart-coded/striped bracelets with someone who loves you, it is a sign of something common feeling. 


I had made these bracelets for daily comfortable use.  Recommended for those with active life.

They might be pretty cool gifts for couples.


Although it seems weak, it can withstand the usage. Tested in salt water! 

๐ŸŠJust jump in a water and don't worry about the bracelet! They get dry quickly, so you can swim withal it.


carolina blue, light blue, sand beige, brown


The bracelets can be ordered in different size (The thinner bracelet on the picture is 1.5 cm wide)


 with 2x2 or 3-3 plastic clasp in the ends

  • Before you going to order any of these bracelets, tell me the exact size of your wrist.

The PROccessing 

To make a pair of bracelets I need a couple of days, and this depends on my actual orders.

โž• Hope, you are satisfied with my information. Let me know, if you have any concern about these bracelets.

For more details, here is a short film for you:

 Wear love