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The Mission

of CLOTHCHAPEL is to surprise and enchant you with unexpected slow-fashion finds highlighting your unique style. All of CLOTHCHAPEL products are handmade and so unique, available in very limited edition. Unique, just like you. 


The Style

As minimal as frilly. 

The Newbies

There is always happen something new in the CLOTHCHAPEL atelier. There are products which will not always be placed immediately on the shelf!

So feel free to ask about the new arrivals before anyone else, or sign up to get 'access' in CLOTHCHAPEL atelier.

Turn back often and explore your and/or your loved ones uncommon accessories.

The Photos

If not sure of any details of the product you find in CLOTHCHAPELplease feel free to ask for extra details or pictures before you order them.

Before Purchasing

Read the listing details carefully and also the shop's policies before purchasing. If you have any concern about items, please feel free to ask clothchapel@clothchapel.com for more picture, details and further information.

The Main Accepted Payment Method


Items will be shipped in a 2 business day after of payment arrives. All payments need to be received within 48 hours of the purchase.

ClothChapel will keep your order on file for 48 hours before it will be cancelled. Please, decide during that period,  because we cannot be held your order. No one of ClothChapel item may become unavailable for longer time than 48 hours.

For the fastest results, please call contact us on : clothchapel@clothchapel.com 

The packaging

The items will be sent in bubble wrap to ensure they arrival to you in perfect condition.

In case if you have any other special request referring of postal service, please contact clothchapel@clothchapel.com

Items ordered together may not be shipped in the same package, but in the same day!

Each package will be registrated with different tracking nr. 

The Shipping

Your package comes Free Shipping from Hungary with Hungarian Postal service. Please note that some countries may charge custom fees.

The tracking nr.

Once shipped, you will receive a Shipment Confirmation e-mail with a tracking number and estimated shipping time in order you can track the route of your package(s). 

Transit time may vary for orders shipping to some destinations!

In order of Smooth Shipping 

Please, provide an precise Shipping Address during the checkout  in order to a Smooth Shipping process.

The delivery time

Your package comes from Budapest and the shipping  takes approx. 14 working day to Europe and aprox. 25 day to US or overseas.


We don’t ship on Sundays and on internationally official holidays, or when the CLOTHCHAPEL shop is turn on vacation mode.

In all other outstanding issues the guideline is the E-commerce directives of the European-Commission.

Hope you find the right information in ClothChapel Policy in order for a comfortable shopping decisions.

Thank you for looking around!

Wear love,



In case you are near by us in Budapest, and you want to buy personally some finds from ClothChapel, please contact us, for receive the recent local place where you can visit us.